Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sox Sign Timlin, Tito to have knee replaced

(Photo from the Boston Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)
Well, there hasn't been much news as of late, but a couple of days ago, amidst all of the Theo hoopla, the Sox signed a key component from their World Series charge two years ago, and their catalyst in the bullpen this season, Mike Timlin. Is he going to be the closer next season, or is he going to go back to being the 8th inning set-up man ? I'd love to see the Sox go after lefty BJ Ryan of the Orioles, but don't forget, they still have Keith Foulke under-wraps for next season. I wouldn't mind Foulke going back to the closer's role, if he can prove in the preseason that he is back to his former self.
According to the Boston Globe yesterday, Francona will have knee replaced, Terry Francona will check into Mass. General Hospital tommorow for knee replacement surgery. He's expected to spend nine days in the hospital for the procedure.
Wow, slow times for the Sox these days immediately following the fall-out of Theo.