Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yanks join Sox at Home, fall to Angels 5-3

A-Rod goes RBI-Less in Series, Yanks Fall in 5
Not too surprides over last night's Yankees' loss to the Angels. I didn't even expect the Yankees to make the playoffs in the first place. Yankees fans should be content with winning the AL East title, because just a month ago, it looked like they weren't even going to make the playoffs.
I am one of those rare Red Sox fans. Don't drop dead, or send me vicious hate mail for the statement I am about to make.... I DON'T HATE THE YANKEES.

I don't, I really don't. I actually enjoy watching a few of their players, especially Derek Jeter. If there was a way that the Red Sox could somehow get a hold of Derek Jeter, and I know there is no way to do that, but if they could, it would add so much. Again, last night, he proved while he is so important to that team. With the team down 5-2, and Alex Rodriguez no where to be found this series, he came up huge again with a homerun to deep center field, to cut the Angels' lead to 5-3. It just seems like every single time this guy has to perform in the clutch, he does. It's amazing. He'll get the big hit, he'll steal that base, he'll sacrifice bunt, he'll make that crucial play in the field. I can't remember a time where he didn't come through in a big game. It's ridiculous really. He is like Billy Mueller and David Ortiz combined. He plays the game right, he respects the game, he respects the players and those who came before them, and he respects his manager. When was the last time you saw a player and manager genuinely care for each other? When was the last time you saw a player still call his coach, "Mr. Torre?" out of respect. It's a breath of fresh air for this game.

Then you have Joe Torre. He may not be the greatest game manager in the world, but man, who wouldn't want to play for a guy like him. After the Yankees clinched the AL East in Boston a week or so ago, and the Yankees were celebrating on the field, I was mad. I didn't want to see that crap, especially not on our home field. But then Chris Myers got a hold of Joe, and he had just finished embracing Jeter like he was his own son, and he had his hat shielding his face, because actual tears were streaming down his face. It was a really nice moment, and even though they are the Yankees, there was no way I could hate a guy like that. A guy that loves his players, and genuinely cares about succeeding. Its nice to have someone give you something from the heart in a profession that is filled with mind-less, cliche-filled quotes. To see a guy, who has won what, nine straight AL East titles, get choked up after winning the most recent, was pretty unbelievable. I for one hope that George gets rid of Torre this off-season, because then maybe there is a chance that the Red Sox could get him. He, Bobby Cox, and Tony Larussa may be the only three managers, that if I were a GM, and had him on my team, would never let get away.

But hey, the Yankees had a great run. They went farther than I ever expected them to this year, but it came down to just not having enough, like the Sox did this year. I have a funny feeling that both of these teams are going to look very different come next season... We'll wait and see...