Saturday, October 08, 2005

THE END IS HERE... Sox lose series to Chi-Sox...

"And after a year-long celebration, Red Sox fans recalled that familiar sting of defeat. Richard Merchant, of Southwick, comforted his son, Matthew, after the game. When Matthew was asked how he felt, he tried to form words, but the only thing that came out of him was a single tear that slowly trickled down his left cheek. "
( Staff Photo / Ed Medina)

Heartbreak Hits Sox fans again as Sox leave 'em Loaded, Lose to Chi-Sox 5-3

(Reuters Photo)

So Long my old Friend...likely the last time we see Millar in Sox uniform

They couldn't do it again. I was wrong (what else is new) this is not the same team as last year. They may have a lot of the same faces, but this year's team is jaded, not the same team who genuinely looked like they loved each other, and were having a good time. Johnny Damon made that perfectly clear in his statements immediately following the game:

"...You want to put people in the seats and I'm the kind of guy who can do that. I'm looking for five plus. I'm looking or a lot. For what I bring to the table night in and night in. We know how good Manny and David are, but I also help them look real good. They make me look real good." - Courtesy of BDD (They also have a great
photoshop picture of Damon)

Are you F'in serious right now? For the past 4 years, I've loved Johnny Damon. Every time someone rags on him for having a shitty arm, or looking awkward as hell out in the field, or stuttering like an "Idiot" during his interviews, I've always defended him. I never thought he was this kind of guy, he never gave that impression off. This is what I mean by how the Sox have become jaded. You just got swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Chicago White Sox, and this is what is going through your head? No wonder why you struck out with the bases loaded, your mind wasn't on the game, it was on how much dough you're going to bring home this off-season. I wanted the Sox to re-sign him, but you know what, after those ridiculous comments, good riddance. Get the hell out of here. Go play for the Yankees...

In Bob Ryan's column today, There was no surprise ending, Damon has a quote about a guy that I think should be the first one re-signed this off-season..

"And Bill Mueller, you can't get a guy like that for that kind of money
anywhere. No one can understand how great a player he is until they see him for
162 games. He is, to me, the prototypical ballplayer."
-Johhny Damon..

It's weird to me that you can make such a bone-head comment one minute, and then a brilliant one the next. Yeah, he went 0-ALDS, but so what. Every team in the league should want a guy like Billy Mueller. He plays every day, he plays hurt, he plays hard, he bats .290, he knows his role, and he plays a solid third base. There is no way the Sox can let this guy go. While the majority of the other players, like Johnny, have their heads in la-la land, Billy Mueller just wants to win. Just wants to play baseball...

So last night very well could be the last time we see a ton of our Sox in uniform ever again, even one man not in uniform. Along with the likes of Damon, Mueller, Timlin, Olerud, and Millar, Theo Epstein is also a free agen. Oops, bet a lot of you didn't know that. The brains behind this team, the guy who made the moves to put the Sox over the top last season, and who has built a solid farm system here in Boston. Yeah, that same farm system that was virtually barren by the time Dan Duquette left, may be on his way out. I haven't heard anyone saying that he is untouchable, have you?

The fact of the matter is, I just don't really know what to talk about, or how to feel. During the sixth inning, when the Sox had the bases loaded and no out, I just got that weird feeling that they weren't going to put any runs up. You know that stupid feeling you get, when you start doing all this superstitious shit, thinking that because you are clapping, or because your hat is on backwards, that the hitters are going to notice for some un-known reason, and get a hit. Well that was me in that inning. I sat in my room, by myself, clapping like a damn fool, like it was going to do any good. Hey it worked last year, why not this year? Wrong. After the Varitek pop-out, I kind of knew it was over. After Graffanino fouled off about four pitches that were ball-four, I threw the newspaper that was lying on my desk at the TV, and screamed a few explicatives. Then, after Damon struck out, I pretty much lost it. Throwing my hat, which was inside-out and backwards, at the TV, and screaming like a moron, helped me vent a little, but after that I knew the game was over. I knew it wasn't the year. I left my room, didn't watch any more of the game, and I felt a calm come over me.

I knew this team wasn't going to win it all this year. I've known that for a long time. I tried to tell myself that maybe, just maybe, it would happen again, but deep down I knew it wasn't going to happen. If you are a true Red Sox fan, you knew that they didn't have the horses, didn't have the fire-power to win it this year. Even though, for a couple of minutes, I got that intense adrenaline rush like I had for countless years before last, and even during last years run, it subsided fairly quickly. I'm not upset the Sox loss, I'm just a little disappointed that I don't have anything to watch every single day at 7:05, well at least for a couple of months.

Don't you all worry though, this blog does not end now. It will continue, throughout the off-season. Sometimes I even think that baseball's off-season is better than the season itself. Should be a good time. "See" you all tomorrow...