Friday, October 07, 2005

Could today be the END?

(AP Photo)

"This is a crazy group of guys. Backs against the wall? Our backs are scraping the wall and we're almost on fire. But it is what it is now. We're either going to win three in a row or we're going to watch the World Series at home. It's as simple as that."

- Kevin Millar, from Sean McAdam's ESPN story, Red Sox not short on confidence...

Could today be the end of the Boston Red Sox as we have known them for the past couple of years? The Boston Dirt Dogs had a great little poem about how this season could end today.

In the Herald this morning, Tony Massarotti had a great couple of lines in his story, Self-doubt Creeps in, when he says:

"There is doubt in the 2005 Red Sox. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. The Sox said all of the right things, at least publicly, following their Game 2 loss Wednesday night in Chicago to the White Sox. They said them again yesterday at Fenway Park. But when the lights are off and the notebooks are closed, they have the same feelings and observations about this team that you do. They wonder if they are good enough."

"'Maybe,' one Sox player said in the aftermath of Wednesday's defeat, 'it's just not meant to be.'" -

Tony Massarotti Oct. 7th, Boston Herald.

Uh oh. That doesn't sound too promising. These comments give us an insight into things that we don't really get to see while the players are on the field, or while they are up there on the podium giving their press conferences. The fact of the matter is, this year's team is not the same as last year. I don't have to tell all you Red Sox fans that, you all know it. You know that Pedro, D-Lowe, Cabrera, Kapler, Roberts, and the rest of the gang are gone. You know that Embree isn't coming out for the 7th, and Foulke isn't coming out in the 9th to nail down the W.

But there is something unique about this team. They are still the lovable idiots, well in my mind they are. I used to get furious at the team last year, and when the Sox lost that game 17-9 to drop three games behind the Yankees, I cursed to high heaven, and thought the season was over for sure. Just like this team has disappointed me at times, but it's those other times that I remember. The walk-off homeruns by David Ortiz that just give you the chills. The faithful at Fenway cheering so loudly, jumping up and down, making the whole place shake, will give you a feeling like no other. That's what this team needs this afternoon and tomorrow.

Mr. Dependable is going today, and you know what? I'm glad he is. He led the team in wins, he should have had atleast 20 too, if they would have just hit for him a couple of time, and he knows how to pitch under pressure. I really can't wait for today. Hey, if the Sox lose, they lose, but I just don't see that happening. Don't forget, just two years ago, the Sox suffered two excrutiating loses to the A's out in Oakland, and they too found a way to win. I know, it may be difficult to pull off, but if any team can do it, it's this team.

Let's keep the Faith. Let's BELIEVE.

My prediction for today? Sox win, 7-2, we'll see you later on, or tomorrow. Go SOX!