Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sox Take First, Tito Blows Nightcap

Well, there goes a golden opportunity down the drain once again for these wacky Sox. Wakefield pitches another gem, helps the Sox once again tie the Yankees for first in the AL East, but there he is again, good ole' Tito there to ruin things in the nightcap.

Not that Schilling wasn't to blame, as he gave up up five earned on 10 hits. Come on, are you kidding me Schill? We all know that Schilling told the old ball-coach that he wanted to go back out for the seventh, and Tito being the little bitch that he has always been towards Schilling, allowed him to go back out for the seventh, where he proceeded to get hit around. He looked tired, he looked spent, and he's facing Catalanatto who is 9 for 18 career against him. On Extra Innings Extra, Eckersley says that Bradford wasn't ready when Catalanatto comes to the plate, but why the hell isn't he ready? Why hasn't he been throwing? Then Vernon Wells comes up, bang, base hit, tied ball game. Ok, so don't take him out against Catalanatto, ok, I guess I can let that slide. Why the hell is he not coming out against Wells? Go out there and get him! Jesus. You've got to show some authority, show that you run this team, not your players running you.

Bradford finally came in, and got out of the inning, after coming in with the bases loaded and one out. Great job Chad, go take a shower right? Wrong. Wrong. This is Terry Francona we're talking about. Let's send him out there for the eighth. But wait. Isn't Craig Hansen warming up? We all know that Bradford can't go more than an inning. Whoops.

"We are trying to make it reach.... " said Francona on Extra Inning Extra tonight, when asked about the bullpen in game two. I don't get it. Why do you have to make it reach? There are a million guys in the bullpen. Craig Hansen is ready in the bullpen!

Walk. Sharply hit line drive to left (Manny made a great effort to hold Zaun at second). Sacrifice Bunt. Second and third, one out.

Oh, now is the perfect time to go to the rookie now isn't it? I mean, this is the situation you want to bring a kid into in his third relief appearance in the big leagues, after blowing a lead his last time out, isn't it? I mean, why would you ever bring him in at the beginning of the inning with nobody on? That wouldn't make much sense. Just bring the kid into a no-win situation, with the pennant on the line. Jesus Christ. Does he want to turn Hansen into the next Cla Meredith?

So Hansen faces Russ Adams, and he hits a bullet to right field (off the bat I thought it was gone) right at Nixon, go-ahead run scores, Jays lead 6-5. After giving up a weak infield single to Catalanatto, Hansen walks Wells, but gets Koskie to fly out to deep center to end the inning. Inning ends with the Sox down 6-5, and they end up losing 7-5.

So looks like "making it reach" worked out tonight. I know, it would have been tough to have asked Hansen to get one more out. If he would have had to face another guy, I bet his arm would have fell off. Give me a break.

I just can't understand this manager some times, I really can't. What was the point of Bradford? I'd love to know. He's been hit hard all year, he finally comes in and does his job the inning before, so now you get greedy? Just pat him on the ass, tell him great game, go take a shower. Plain and simple. Go to Hansen. Go to Papelbon. Go to Delcarmen. Go to ANYONE! There is no need for him to be coming out for the EIGHTH! None!

Well, the Yankees have lost, as did the Indians, so this night didn't turn out as bad as it could have. But if Tito had a brain, the Sox would be up a game on both.

Wednesday Night:

Red Sox (Arroyo) vs Jays (Lilly) 7:05 ET
Yankees (Chacon) at Orioles (Cabrera) 7:05 ET
Devil Rays (McClung) vs Indians (Lee) 7:05 ET
White Sox (Contreras) at Tigers (Douglass) 7:05 ET