Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Papi Powers (again) as Manny Mashes too, in Red Sox' 15-2 victory

Red Sox-15 Tampa Bay- 2
W- Curt Schilling (7-8)
L- Seth McClung (6-11)

What more can be said about the season that David Ortiz is having this season? If he isn't a clear-cut choice to be this season's MVP, than I may just lose all respect for the award. Ortiz has single-handedly (until this evening, well Manny and the boys did chip in just a little) carried the Sox on his back the last couple of weeks, and last night passed his MVP race-mate, Alex Rodriguez for the American League lead in homeruns with 46. Rodriguez did hit his 45th homer of the season in the Yankees' 12-9 victory over the Orioles, but does it really matter anymore? (Just for the record, Ortiz has 140 RBIs compared to A-Rod's 120.) I know it is pretty cliche to say it now-a-days, but I mean, I can't remember anyone else being so good in clutch situations. It seems like every time Ortiz is up, and the Sox need a hit, a walk, a sac-fly, anything, he comes through. It's truly amazing. I don't care if he's a DH or not. If the Sox make the playoffs, Ortiz should definetly be the MVP, period.

As for the rest of the Sox, it's about time. Many Sox fans have been pretty down on the good ole' boys the past couple of days, and for the most part, it was deserved. However, I feel that under the current circumstances, the Sox have showed tremendous grit, and it looks like that little slump may be over after tonight. Manny was finally Manny again tonight, going 4-4 , with two homers, and Jason Varitek finally broke out of his slump, going 4-5 with 2 RBIs, before being relieved for Kelly Shoppach. It was a pleasant change to see the Red Sox being the ones jumping out to an early lead, and though Schilling scared me for a second with that 1st inning homerun to Jorge Cantu, he settled down, and it looks like he is close to being his old self again. He had good velocity, hit his spots reasonably well, and had seven strikeouts. He did what an ace is supposed to do, he stopped the bleeding. After two straight days of Sox' starters not getting through three innings, he gave the bullpen a much needed rest with seven quality innings.

If I can steal the Dirt Dog's nickname, Rent-a-Wreck was the only started without a hit tonight. Wow. I have been a big supporter of Renteria all year, I know he is a much better ballplayer than he is showing this year, but man oh man, what is going on? His average is down to .272, and he just looks plain old bad out there in the field. What is Tito to do though other than play him? I know I would much rather see him out there at short stop than Alex Cora. I think (or maybe I just hope) that he will snap out of this before the postseason starts, but I'm not too sure anymore. I thought we saw a glimpse of what he really is at the plate earlier in the year, but he has just been plain awful the past few weeks, and things don't look like they are getting better.

Lastly, what more can be said about original dirt dogs Trot Nixon and Jason Varitek? Was I the only one that saw how sick he looked in that post-game interview with Eric Frede? He looked like he was about to drop right there on the field, but he somehow found a way to put it behind him and have one of his best games in recent memory (4-6, 4 runs, 3 RBIs, and a HR). Jason Varitek also broke out of his mini-slump with a 4-5 performance. He has looked freakishly sluggish at the plate as of late, but tonight came through like we are all used to seeing. Doug Mirabelli going on the DL earlier in the year really looks like it has affected Varitek here down the stretch, hopefully he can hold it together, and be the heart and soul of this team that he is. Only if Manny could take a lesson from the two of these guys.

I know, I know, it's only the Devil Rays, but it's a step in the right direction. You have to beat the teams that you are better than, and the Sox have done that to the Devil Rays this season, unlike the Yankees. Hopefully the Sox can pull it out tomorrow, and then FINALLY, have a day off. Who makes the damn schedule anwyway? I know they had to play on Labor Day, but come on, playing 3
0 days in a row is ridiculous.


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