Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thoughts on the Trade

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Eric Wilbur of the Globe and Boston.com wrote an interesting article today, Nothing fishy about it, on the acquisition of Josh Beckett. He basically said things that I have already said, that the Sox got a steal out of this deal. They got their ace, they got their stopper.

And what are the Yankees doing? George can't be too happy to see a team, specifically their rival, without a general manager pull this move off. Why wasn't newly re-signed Brian Cashman out sniffing out a deal like this? Why are the Yankees so enamored with offense, when they need to shore up a pitching staff that sorely lacked leadership last season? Their ace is 42, Mussina is starting to show his age, and Carl Pavano and Jarret Wright showed absolutely nothing last season.

One of the reasons could be that they just don't have the young talent that the Red Sox have. Their farm systems hasn't produced a big name talent since Derek Jeter almost 12 years ago. That's absoutely ridiculous. I know the Sox' minor league system was pretty barren for some time, but atleast the new regime picked it up. Their farm systems is basically gushing with talent. Jonathan Pappelbon, Jon Lester, Manny Delcarmen, Craig Hansen, recently departed Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia, Lenny Dinardo... The list goes on and on. The job that Theo Epstein did with this farm system was basically unbelievable.

This trade is why a good farm system is so crucial in this league. Instead of waiting on the possibility of Hanley Ramirez to flourish and for Anibel Sanchez to hopefully become a great pitcher someday, they went out and got the Ace they needed. They now have two World Series MVPs on their staff, who have both defeated their arch-rivals in their own stadiums on the biggest stage. Oops. Game, set, match.

How in the world are the Yankees going to counter this move? Go get Brian Giles. He doesn't scare me. Neither does AJ Burnett. The market is barren this year. No top guys out there. IF the season started today, I'd love the Sox' chances. But please, please, please sign Bill Mueller back. Fuck, I know they won't. Damn it... I think I love this guy too much, but for some reason, I just love guys like him. Like John Stockton of the Utah Jazz. They just go out, do their job, play as hard as they can, and go along with their businness. No bullshit. Not mouth. No smart ass shit. They just play the game how its supposed to be played, and they do it quietly. Those are the kind of guys I like. Guys who value the word "Team." I don't know Bill Mueller personally, but I bet each and every member of that clubhouse would do anything for a guy like him. He's a gamer, and they need him back.

I guess I should change the name of this blog to the "Bill Mueller Fanclub," but oh well. He's my boy, and I'll be sure to follow him wherever he goes. That's all for today.. LATER!


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