Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sox eyeing Josh Beckett

What? Do I hear the Sox calling?

It was reported on ESPN.comthis afternoon that the Marlins are interested in dealing Josh Beckett and Carlos Delgado, and it has been said that the Red Sox and the Texas Rangers are the two teams vying for the hard-throwing, oft-injured, Beckett. According to the article, the Rangers are willing to deal Hank Blalock, but don't want to give up two young studs they have in the minors. The Marlins are asking for Hanley Ramirez, and a starting pitcher, either Jon Lester or Anibel Sanchez.

The move would be solid for a Sox staff that had a handful of mediocre starting pitchers this off-season. If they could some-how unload Clement and/or Arroyo, the addition of Beckett would be huge. However, how long can he stay healthy? We've seen pitchers come in here that were injury-prone in previous years, and suceed here in Boston, maybe Beckett can do the same. He sure does have electric stuff, and he's only 24 years old. He could be a staple in the Sox' rotation for a long time to come. They need a big strike-out pitcher, who can come in every 5 days and get a win. We really don't know how Schilling is going to come out this season, so Beckett would give the Sox that ace that they really need, that stopper, that guy who can come in when you've lost two in a row, and virtually guarantee a victory, like Pedro used to do. I think this would be huge for them.


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