Monday, October 03, 2005

Good Ole' Buck sticking it Georgie Porgy?

Showalter's Thoughts:
I wish he'd just get his arm off of me, geez.
Don't the people of New York realize that I built those great Yankee teams? Torre just stole my spotlight... I wonder how I can get back at Ole' George? Hmmm....
(Buck seen early Sunday afternoon)
Showalter's Thoughts Yesterday afternoon:
HaHaHa, I've got the perfect idea. If I take out my starters in the third inning, and let the Angels take this meaningless game from us, then the Yankees won't have home field advantage! Brilliant! Take that Rollie Pollie...

According to a New York Times article that ran this morning, Yankees are miffed at moves by Rangers, both Joe Torre and Alex Rodriguez were surprised when they heard that Buck Showalter, the manager of the Texas Rangers, had taken out his three All-Stars, Michael Young, Mark Teixeira, and Hank Blalock in the third inning of the Rangers' 7-4 loss to the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim yesterday. The Angels' win, coupled with the Yankees' loss to the Red Sox, allowed the Angels to have home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs against the Yankees. The article, as well as Torre's and A-Rod's comments, have fueled a debate on whether Showalter was trying to stick it to "The Boss" and the Yankees by pulling his starters so early.

According to Torre:

"It's surprising," Yankees Manager Joe Torre said. "If his team was in the playoffs, I could understand it a little bit more. It's just surprising he pulled them so soon."
Alex Rodriguez added:

"He's the manager, he has the right to do as he chooses," third baseman Alex Rodriguez said. "I just think there's a code of honor when so much is on the line."
In a Fort Worth Star Telegram story this morning, Yankees take umbrage with Rangers' in-game maneuvers, Showalter explained that the reason he took out his stars in the third, was to give them an opportunity to be recognized by the fans for the great seasons they had, as they came off the field for pinch runners. Showalter went on to say:

"They've posted up all year, they deserved that cookie," Showalter said. "One of our problems is we haven't been able to look at people because we've been trying to be fair to teams this past month."
Hmmm... This gets me to thinking a little bit. Maybe, just maybe, Showalter did take out his stars in the third inning to get back at George and the boys. Or, maybe, just maybe, the Yankees are kicking themselves for the decisions, and the terrible play that they displayed yesterday, by finding a scape-goat in Showalter.

The fact of the matter is, we would not even be having this discussion if the Yankees would have just won yesterday. They wouldn't have needed the lowly Rangers to help them secure home-field in the first round. But Torre sat Mussina, pitched Jaret Wright, and the Red Sox took the rubber game of the series. Maybe, if the real Yankees had finished the game yesterday, and not the Columbus Clippers, then the Yankees would be able to host the first two games at "the house that Ruth built," and not Angel stadium.

Oh, but no. A day after crying on the field like a little girl, while hugging Jeter and Sheffield, Torre was in the locker room crying about how Showalter cheated them out of home-field. Give me a break.

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Alex Rodriguez the one who couldn't get along with Showalter in Texas while they were there together? Wasn't Showalter part of the reason that A-Rod wanted out of Texas? So, it seems fitting that Alex Rodriguez was one of the players to chime in about Showalter sticking it to the Yanks.

Brian Cashman, probably the only Yankee with a real brain, and some common sense, said:

"Buck's a good manager," Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. "It's not an issue."
As well it shouldn't be an issue. All the Yankees had to do was win, and they would have had home-field. Oh, and if Showalter really did take out his stars to get back at the Yanks and A-Rod, then I say, way to go Buck! It's about time....


Blogger reg44gie said...

It's bad enough that it sounds like you're unhappy with the girl you're bring to the dance, now you're makin fun of your buddy's date.

October 03, 2005 2:20 PM  
Blogger NateC said...

It's pretty funny that when something bad happens to the Yankees, its always somebody else's fault... I don't think the Yankees have a chance against the Angels, but I was the same guy saying that the Yankees wouldn't make the playoffs... Maybe I should keep my mouth shut ....

October 03, 2005 3:06 PM  

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