Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Giant's Owner and NFL Pioneer Dies..

(Photo Courtesy of the New York Giant's official Website)
Giant's owner dies at 89
I know this is supposed to be a Boston Red Sox blog, but since I am also a life-long New York Giants fan, I thought it was appropriate to pay respects to the late Wellington Mara, and the rest of the Mara family. According to the New York Giants' official website, Mara passed away peacefully at him home at 9:26 this morning.
"Wellington Mara, the Giants President and Co-Chief Executive Officer who was a vital member of the franchise for every one of its 81 years, a National Football League icon and one of the most beloved and respected figures in professional sports, died today....He was surrounded by his wife, Ann, his 11 children and their spouses, and many of his 40 grandchildren. He was 89." -Giants.com

According to the site, Mara was diagnosed with cancerous lymph nodes in April, and underwent surgery on May 10th to remove the cancerous cells. After the procedure he underwent radiation treatment 33 times after the surgery. In late September he was hospitalized for nearly four weeks, and just this passed Friday, he was sent back to his home.

According to the site, Mara was a key figure in the Giants' organization for all 81 years of itsexistencee. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1997, and many of his former players were on hand for the induction...

"Lawrence Taylor spoke movingly of his respect for and devotion to Mara...

'Wellington has been there for me throughout the years,' Taylor said. 'I've had my problems. But while I played ball and after ball was over, he was always there. He never told me what to do. He'd say, You know what you have to do. He'd never sit there and say, You can't do this or You can't do that. He was always ready to help me. I will always, always appreciate that.'"- Giants.com

Phil Simms added...

"His sense of pride was tremendous,' said Phil Simms, one of many former Giants who keep in touch with Mara. 'I'll never forget this we were coming out of training camp, it might have been 1986. Somebody got an interview with him. He didn't make a prediction. He said, 'I'm happy. The team was organized, the coach worked them hard and they conducted themselves well.' I went, 'Wow, that's it.' I remember thinking that is so cool, that's the essence of what we are. And that's what makes him happy. Why? That's the way he wanted his team to act and be. But he also knew that's what's going to lead you to victory."-Giants.com

Yesterday, the New York Post wrote a story (I can't link to it, previous day's news has a fee to view), about how the Giants went out to play for Mara and co-owner Bob Tisch, who is also battling cancer. After the Giants defeated the Broncos on Sunday, the Giants saluted Mara with three chants of "Duke, Duke, Duke," Mara's nickname.

"It was important for us to play proud and play in a manner that was befitting the kind of guy that he is," running back Tiki Barber said of Mara. "This one was for him. We played like champions today. [Coughlin] made a big point about it. Tom rarely goes out of his way and makes bold statements about the significance of a game. We all took it to heart. I think [Mara] is proud of the way we played." -New York Post article

Well that's about it for today. Just thought it would be fitting to recognize a great man... Rest in peace...


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Very nice, I was hoping you weren't a Patriots fan. I'm a Jets fan myself, but I'm always glad when the Giants are doing well.

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