Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hello everyone, just wanted to welcome you to my brand new blog, "Cowboy Up!: Daily News and Thoughts on the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox." I am currently a senior at Northeastern University in Boston, and started this blog as part of a semester long project for an online journalsim class. I have been thinking about starting a blog on the Red Sox for quite some time, but never really had any real motivation, but I would like to assure you all, that I am going to work extremely hard on making this web blog one of the best Red Sox blogs out there. I have been a die-hard fan for as long as I can remember, and I assure all of you, that I will be putting maximum effort in to this endeavor. We may not always agree on a topic that I may be talking about, but I would love to hear your feedback, and criticism, both are greatly encouraged. We are a nation, a Red Sox nation, and hopefully I can add to that just a little bit. Thanks again for the time, and hope to "see" you guys reading and responding soon...



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